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What controls does SYSCNC communicate?

We can know the status of any machine! However, with the Heidenhain, Fanuc, Fidia, Fagor and Roders controls, we have a connection that allows us to access much of the production data of these CNC machines.

Can I export the production data for the machine?

Yes, both in the history and in costing it is possible to export the data to an Excel file.

I already have a production management program, can I use SYSCNC data in that program?

Yes, SYSCNC comes with an API where your production management software can retrieve the data.
If you want to receive a PDF file with operating instructions for that API send an email to info@syscnc.io

Do I need a specialist technician to install SYSCNC?

No, SYSCNC is very easy to install, just connect two cables.
One cable is electrical power and another cable is Ethernet (RJ45) from your company.
Then just access the platform.

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